AATCO - American Association For The Treatment of Clinical Obesity. Information, facts, news, and support for clinically obese. Weight loss surgery information including gastric bypass surgery, lap-band procedure and vertical sleeve gastrectomy. We help candidated qualify for insurance coverage.

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Before & After Photos

  Name: Carli H.
  Date of Surgery: June 4, 2002
  Total weight loss: 160 lbs

  Name: Marc B.
  Date of Surgery: December 15, 2005
  Total weight loss: 133 lbs


Name: Kathleen M.


Date of Surgery: December 13, 2002


Total weight loss: 168 lbs


Name: Lori C.


Date of Surgery: June 1, 2004


Total weight loss: 123 lbs


Name: Gary W.


Date of Surgery: January 9, 2006


Total weight loss: 115 lbs


Name: Geanine C.


Date of Surgery: December 20, 2004


Total weight loss: 149 lbs


Name: Valerie A.


Date of Surgery: August 27, 2003


Total weight loss: 107 lbs


Name: Susan W.


Date of Surgery: November 10, 2005


Total weight loss: 153 lbs


Name: Jennifer H.


Date of Surgery: January 22, 2003


Total weight loss: 125 lbs


Name: Tammy H.


Date of Surgery: June 22, 2005


Total weight loss: 90 lbs


Name: BJ


Date of Surgery: July 2, 2003


Total weight loss: 145 lbs


Name: Susan B.


Date of Surgery: May 17, 2006


Total weight loss: 95 lbs






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